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Overhauler hydraulic truck racks are currently offered in three sizes: 70" (5.5' beds), 80" (6.5' beds), and 96" (8' beds). Please refer to the diagram to the right for determining the length of your box


Included with all hydraulic racks:

  • Black powder-coated rack components

  • Installation hardware (nuts, bolts, hose tie-downs, etc)

  • Hydraulic cylinders, power pack & hoses

  • Mounting bracket & cover for power pack

  • 800lbs rated capacity

Also required (not included):

  • Auxiliary battery (if not wiring directly to under-hood battery; a second battery is always recommended)

  • Wiring & terminals for battery

  • Fluid to fill hydraulic reservoir (Automatic Transmission Fluid)


Midsize & Superduty Trucks 

These packages are available for specially sized trucks including midsize (Toyota Tacoma) as well as Ford's Superduty platform. Components will vary depending on model - always indicate your year, make, and model when purchasing


Full Size Pickup Trucks 

Hydraulic powered Overhauler racks come in the three standard sizes mentioned above: for 5.5', 6.5', or 8' box lengths. These configurations will fit most full size pickups (Ford F150, GMC Sierra/Chevrolet Silverado, Nissan Titan, etc)

* please note that rack capacity remains at 800lbs regardless of winch add-on or box length configuration. Never exceed 800lbs when using the winch on the Overhauler, even though its capacity is greater. Capacity may be less at minimum & maximum tilt positions


Accessory Compatibility

The Overhauler is compatible with certain existing truck accessories, such as headache racks, tonneau covers, tool boxes, and box liners (both spray-in and plastic). Some modifications are required to mount headache racks, however provisions are provided on all of our racks to accept them. Soft tonneau covers can be secured directly to the base rails of the truck rack. Some tool boxes may be compatible for certain rack configurations.

Please contact us for more information regarding accessory compatibility.

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