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All of our racks are proudly produced at Rudnicki Industrial Inc machine shop in Thunder Bay Ontario Canada. From ordering/delivering the raw materials, to welding, coating, and even printing decals - it's all done out of Thunder Bay. Running an operation with local suppliers helps keep quality control at the highest possible standard because our customers deserve only the best.

To all our customers who support a Canadian product - thank you!

Leading Innovation

Receiving 2017's Northern Ontario Business Award for Innovation, mastermind Michael Rudnicki is no stranger to designing and manufacturing mechanical solutions. From his Strapping Choppers, to portable 45gal drum crusher the Pac-A-Drum, the next venture was bringing Overhauler to the world. The idea was born while fishing with his son - why not make the trip easier on their backs and avoid having to load and unload the boat! This concept brought forth the lineup of Overhauler truck and UTV racks that are available to you today

Working Together

Serving as Rudnicki Industrial's Product Manager, Mike's daughter Anna Rudnicki is one of the first points of contact when it comes to these racks. Overseeing the production, as well as the management and movement of products, she can be found up at her desk working on the next media product, on the shop floor building the goods you just ordered, or even out & about working on a sale or doing service calls & adjustments. There's never a shortage of things to do when it comes to providing the customers with what they need

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