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When you need a hand bringing the load down to your level, the patented hydraulic powered Overhauler is your solution. It's the original truck rack that can lift and lower up to 800lbs from a convenient upright position at the back of your truck to up and over the cab


Tie Down Cleats 

With cleats welded on throughout the rack, you can always be sure there's a safe way to secure your load. With infinite tie-down combinations, carrying any item is a breeze


12V Hydraulics 

The 12 volt hydraulic power unit is mounted directly onto the bed rails of the rack, or it can be mounted onto the truck's frame for a custom install. Mount an additional battery to power the pump directly, or run power cables from under the hood. It's totally flexible


No-Drill Installation 

A simple yet flexible clamping system allows for easy and secure mounting on virtually any truck bed, even trucks equipped with factory accessory rails


Uncompromised Design 

Great care was taken in designing the rack to offer maximum flexibility without encroaching on bed space or limiting truck functionality. The rear crossbar can be used to support longer items like ladders or lumber, and it can be flipped forward to leave the box wide open

*As of 2019 the rack capacity is now rated for 800lbs (may be lower at minimum & maximum tilt positions)

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