Introducing OVERHAULER

Truck rack 2.0. From boats to lumber to ladders and everything in between, OVERHAULER can lift up to 400lbs from a convenient upright position at the back of your truck up over the roof. It’s loading, simplified.

Upright Loading

Tilting upright to about 60 degrees with the ground, OVERHAULER offers unparalleled loading capability. Simply lean your items against the rack, tie them off, and let OVERHAULER do the heavy lifting.

Clean, Nonobstructive Installation

OVERHAULER was designed to make life easier, including its installation. All electronics and hydraulics are neatly tucked around the perimeter of the rack base, making the installation simple and tidy, maximizing available box space.

Flexibility & Uncompromised Accessibility

Tie-down cleats. Flip out rear bar for longer items. Minimal installation footprint in your bed. Not only does OVERHAULER offer ease of use like you've never experience before, it doesn't sacrifice the style or functionality of your truck.

Single Person Operation

Utilizing smooth hydraulics, OVERHAULER makes it easy for single-person operation. No more overhead lifting of awkward items requiring 2 people. A long controller cable allows for convenient operation from around the vehicle.

Order/Get in Touch

OVERHAULER packages start at $2299 USD. For more information on the different packages & pricing available, to place an order, or any general inquiries, please contact us by email ( or phone (numbers listed at the bottom of the page). We're still finalizing distribution, so lead times may vary. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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